About the HPUMC Centennial Celebrations

O save your people, and bless your heritage; be their shepherd, and carry them forever. ~ Psalm 28:9

The Centennial Leadership Committee

Mission & Vision of the HPUMC Centennial Celebrations

The goals of the HPUMC Centennial celebrations and activities are to understand and celebrate the legacies and traditions of our first hundred years in the service of Jesus Christ and our communities, and to do so in ways that propel us forward as disciples of Jesus Christ working for the transformation of the world.

The Centennial celebrations and activities will:

  • Be congregation-driven and staff supported
  • Focus particularly on the special ministries and missions of HPUMC, by casting gigantic visions for:
    • Youth and family ministries
    • Ministries to those with special needs
    • Missions and outreach
    • Planting and growing new churches
    • Physical plant that will serve our congregation and our communities
    • Worship, with particular focuses on reaching diverse communities and people through preaching, music and service
  • Honor the spirit of multi-generationalism
  • Include special events and activities while honoring the goals of the Centennial in our existing worship and activities
  • Obtain the resources to enable HPUMC to achieve its vision

When we conclude in 2016, we hope that our congregation will understand our rich tradition and legacy, understand who we are as a church, and share a gigantic vision for carrying our discipleship into the world as deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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