Family Ministry at HPUMC

Committed to partnering with parents to help families grow in their faith and become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ, together.

We believe that children and teens need three things:

  1. A family that practices faith together.
  2. A community of trustworthy friends.
  3. A church that they can love.

Our church is intentional about partnering with parents to help create these environments for the whole family.

  • D6 Families excites kids and equips parents to bring Jesus Christ to the kitchen table.
  • Confirmation (6th grade) provides knowledge and experiences to help youth make the decision to follow Christ and join the church.
  • HPUMC Youth equips and empowers youth to live as disciples now, in the 13th grade, and beyond.

HPUMC is also intentional about creating environments for parents.

  • HPUMC Moms and HPUMC Dads
  • Parent Quarterlies
  • Small Groups
  • Sunday morning classes
  • Life Resources classes

These are just a few of the ways that HPUMC is helping parents grow as parents and grow as disciples themselves.

Family Ministry Timeline

1927: First official HPUMC Confirmation Class graduation

1930: Children's and Youth Choir programs established

1932: HPUMC sponsors 200 families during the Great Depression years

The church carried a tremendous social service load in 1932, supporting over 200 families. Various groups within the church set up a small loan fund for needy students; others undertook social service work in West Dallas; and everyone participated in an outpouring of food and clothing throughout the year. Three members of the Women's Missionary Society, Mrs. M. F. Armstrong, Mrs. J. S. Mclntosh, and Mrs. J. J. Russell served as coordinators for channeling supplies where they were most needed. (The Living Vine, page 17)

February-March 1932 Bulletin

1939: Children collect Pennies for Milk for West Dallas

1945: Baby Boom crowds children’s classrooms as Sunday School attendance soars

1961: Preschool program begins with weekday classes

1966: Special Needs program begins called "Our Class for Exceptional Children"

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nelson, Jr., who recently became members of the church agreed to accept the responsibility of teaching a class for exceptional children.

The Tower (Announcement on Page 2)

2000: "Night OWLS" begins for families with Special Needs children

Night OWLS (Out With Loving Sitters), a respite program for families with Special Needs, was first established in 2000. Night OWLS invites children (to age 13) with special needs and their siblings come to HPUMC on the first or third Friday night for activities and programs designed for them. Each child is paired with a trained volunteer for the evening.

2011: D6 teaching format begins for children (birth - 5th grade)

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