HPUMC Centennial Stories

Stories from our previous 100 years as we look to the future!

The Seven Core Values of HPUMC: Generosity

“We ask the people in the pew to be generous in the name of Christ,” says Senior Minister, Rev. Paul Rasmussen. “Well then we have a fundamental obligation as an institution to be equally, if not more generous.” Read More

The Seven Core Values of HPUMC: GroupLife

When it comes to the journey of Christian discipleship, God never intended for us to go at it alone. HPUMC believes that to truly become a deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we must be connected to a strong support system. We call that support system GroupLife. Read More

'My Eternal King' launched top Methodist composer

Chances are, if you have attended a service in the Sanctuary at Highland Park United Methodist, you have heard her work even if you did not know her name. 89-year old Jane Marshall is the renowned composer of “My Eternal King.” Read More


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