HPUMC Living History Center

Telling the story of HPUMC in an interactive and engaging new way.

HPUMC Core Values

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Foundation – Faith – Future

These three words of the Centennial tagline are the organization motif for the Living History Center.

Our Foundation is a 100-year history of HPUMC people striving to be engaged disciples of Jesus Christ in more places and in more ways than can be imagined.

Our Faith drives current programs of HPUMC that offer help and hope to those in need, teach the Love of Christ to the next generation, expand the knowledge of Christ’s Love for those already on their faith journey, and tell the story of Christ’s Love to those who have not heard it.

Our Future is a second century that builds upon HPUMC’s past and present. The purpose of the Living History Center is to tell all three stories in an interesting, engaging, innovative way.

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