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'My Eternal King' launched top Methodist composer

Chances are, if you have attended a service in the Sanctuary at Highland Park United Methodist, you have heard her work even if you did not know her name. 89-year old Jane Marshall is the renowned composer of “My Eternal King.”

The powerful anthem, written while Marshall sang in the choir at HPUMC, is credited with helping her become one of the top Methodist composers. Since then, “My Eternal King” has become a central hymn in Sanctuaries across the nation and within many denominations.

"This is one of the most effective Protestant anthems of the past 50 years," says Chris Brunt, HPUMC Organist & Music Associate.

"It has for decades been one of my all-time favorites, long before I came to Highland Park UMC, and it is certainly in the Top 10 hits of American church music," adds Bradley Welch, HPUMC Director of Music & Arts. "Knowing that she composed and led the premiere of it here is very moving."

Sam Hodges, a writer for UMC.org, explored the origins of the classic anthem and the impact it has had on the Methodist church in the article “’My Eternal King’ launched top Methodist composer.”

Author: Alex Johnston
Category: Church History
Decade: 1950's


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