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The Seven Core Values of HPUMC: GroupLife

When it comes to the journey of Christian discipleship, God never intended for us to go at it alone.

HPUMC believes that to truly become a deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we must be connected to a strong support system. We call that support system GroupLife.

Becoming part of a small Christian community is one of the best ways to make this big church seem small.

In Matthew 18:20, Jesus says “where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” We believe that God uses small circles of friends to encourage growth and discipleship that goes deeper than traditional Sunday worship services.

“For me it’s not enough to come to church once a week to worship,” explains Director of Connecting Ministries Lauri Lueder. “I’ve got to engage in Christ’s world, connect to the community and stretch my mind with the help of fellow believers. When we go from pews to circles, real growth transpires.”

While speaking at First Thursday in July, Senior Minister Paul Rasmussen also reflected on this idea, setting GroupLife apart as one of the seven core values that must be at the heart of HPUMC’s mission.

“There is only so much you can get out of a public worship experience,” said Rev. Rasmussen. “We know to truly advance in your walk of faith, you have to be somehow tethered to a group of people doing this thing called Christianity together.”

Being part of GroupLife not only helps us grow closer to Christ, it also helps us grow closer to each other.

“A community, like a Sunday morning class or small group, built on trust and faith, may be what carries you back to wholeness when life comes crashing down,” Lueder explains. “I’ve experienced firsthand the mighty ways these communities support, love and help heal.”

“It was my small group that was there for me when we got the word that my husband had terminal cancer. It was this treasured group of girlfriends that carried me through his sickness, death and my grief. They were the arms of Jesus for me.”

In John 13, Jesus charges us to “love one another.”

Committing to GroupLife at HPUMC, means not only studying God’s word but also caring for, supporting, praying with, and loving each other like we are called to do.

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, we invite you to grow in Christ by getting connected with GroupLife!

Author: Alex Johnston
Category: GroupLife
Decade: 2010's

Life is better connected.

We are designed to be in relationship, in community, with one another to encourage growth, unity, and to reflect Christ's nature to the world. At HPUMC, we call this GroupLife.

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