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Dayspring Dance Ministry

I have been a member of HPUMC since 1956 when I was confirmed. In 1974, the Lord called me to “dance the gospel” with the Sacred Dance Group of Boulder, Colorado. In 1979, the Sacred Dance Group came from Boulder to Dallas to minister during Lent at HPUMC. Under the leadership of Philip Baker and John Erickson, we presented “Le Chemin de la Croix” by Marcel Dupre, with a cast of 14 dancers, including a minister who dramatized the part of Jesus.

In 1984, I moved to Dallas from Australia. A group of dancers began to form from different denominations, which eventually we called Dayspring Dance Ministry.

Philip Baker made possible a room for rehearsal at HPUMC on Thursday mornings. Some rehearsals were in the Sanctuary or Cox Chapel as needed. In 1995, our leaders encouraged us to seek “spiritual covering” at my church. We prayed about this step and Rev. Barbara Marcum agreed to be our 'shepherd' and has encouraged and counseled us.

The principal dancers of Dayspring include me, Susan Lewis, Jan Sebastian, Laura Clift, Ramona Redwine and Cindy Finberg. There are many other friends who join us when needed.

The target of our mission is unbelievers and believers in our midst, though ministry teaching Scripture and movement, speaking our testimony and dancing the Word. We have danced in the Sanctuary and Cox Chapel on Sundays and during Holy Week.

In years past we have presented lecture-demonstrations to the Roundtable, Wesley Fellowship, Agape, Pursuits and Two-by-Two Sunday morning classes.

We intend to dissolve the present Dayspring Group by May 31, 2006, releasing members to make a fresh start in the DFW area, in whatever way they are led by the Spirit of God. Kay Quisenberry and Jan Sebastian will be moving to Australia. We have never charged a fee for our ministry but trusted God to provide.

“Those who have experienced the power of their expression of faith through movement have been called to a deeper closeness with God," said Carolyn Lewis, former director of Children’s Music. "They have learned thereby to express our own feelings more fully in response to God’s love.

"Dayspring’s ministry in worship has never failed to touch me at a profound level, and I know this is true for others as well. Whether it was ‘The Via Dolorosa’ on Good Friday or the remarkable choreography including persons of many races, ages, and abilities in other special worship services. I often felt that the vision cast by the dancers and those they included was truly the vision of the kingdom of God that Jesus spoke about and called us to create.”

Source: Adapted from 27 September 2005 Program Ministry Council Report by Kay Quisenberry, from the Archives of HPUMC.

Author: Kay Quisenberry
Category: Church History
Decade: 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's

“Other worship specialists enhance the services, such as Kay Quisenberry with religious dance.” Branches of the Living Vine (1991), p. 199.

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